Holiday Party Look


Nothing says “holiday party” like the luxuriousness of cashmere. You’ll be cozy from head to toe by mixing and matching select pieces from our Cashmere Boutique.

For women, start your look with a Black Pure Cashmere Turtle Neck Sweater. Turtle Necks made a huge comeback this season, and are an excellent homage to the classic ‘60s wardrobe staple. Pair this sweater with a crimson-coloured Pure Cashmere Shawl with Sleeves, and the pop of colour will add a touch of coziness and holiday flair to your entire look. Opt for a camel-coloured Knee Length Coat as your final layer and as a contemporary take on the traditional black jacket. Camel is multi-seasonal and versatile, and will add some lightness to the overall outfit.

For men, try layering a charcoal grey Pure Cashmere Cardigan over your favourite button-up shirt or polo. This style and colour choice offers a lot of versatility and will coordinate seamlessly with any shirt combination, so you really can’t go wrong. Layer this cardigan with a Zip Cashmere Coat, which will add a contemporary touch with its straight collar and clean lines. Polish off the entire outfit with a burgundy-coloured Pure Cashmere scarf with fringe, which is made from the finest quality of 100% pure “A Grade” cashmere in 4 ply.

Layering cashmere in your holiday party look will provide you with unsurpassed warmth and softness, for guaranteed coziness and comfort all night long.

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